Broward’s Northeast & Beach Neighborhoods

Andy Weiser, Assistant Manager, Ft. Lauderdale NE and Ft. Lauderdale Beach offices By Guest Contributor Andy Weiser, Assistant Manager, Ft. Lauderdale NE and
Ft. Lauderdale Beach offices.

The snowbirds are arriving at a steady clip (is that a flock of snowbirds?) and we're gearing up to give thanks for the end of yet another hurricane season without even a tropical storm!

You've got to feel bad (not) for the weather forecasters......they didn't have anything to get everyone all worked up about this year........

We're seeing some interesting things here at the Beach and the East Side of town.

The most interesting thing (from a real estate standpoint), is what we're now seeing on appraisals: "foreclosures and bank owned properties are not a factor in this market".

Those are some pretty important words when it comes to getting financing. This means that the banks, appraisers and others who track the real estate market have finally come to understand what savvy buyers and smart (i.e. Coldwell Banker) Realtors have been saying all along- THE MARKET HAS TURNED A CORNER FOLKS!!!!!

On the Beach, there never were many foreclosures or distressed properties. And the neighborhoods on the east side of town fared much better in the past months even as the rest of the county has been going through financial convulsions.

Why is this? Simple. They're not digging any more oceans or making any more ocean front property. Neither are they digging any more canals.

The eastern portion of Broward County has the nick name "The Gold Coast" for a very good reason. No, it's not the luscious sunrises we get on a daily basis! It's the simple fact that the east side of the county has been less speculative. More stable. More neighborhood oriented. Yes, it's home to some of the most highly priced and most desired (some might say coveted) property in South Florida. But, in addition we are lucky enough to have strong, cohesive neighbors and neighborhoods!

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