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There are many reasons to live in Southwest Florida, either seasonally or full time. The climate and amenities cater to beach combers, walkers, bikers, tennis players, and golfers. Year-round golf continues to be a primary draw for many of the folks moving from the Midwest or Northeast to sunny, warm Florida.

Golfers arrive in all shapes, sizes and ages with varying degrees of athletic ability and desire. For some, it is a weekly social event — for others it is a life-long passion. Some like the thrill of competition; other golfers value the friendships, exercise, and sunshine.

When golfers move to our area, there are a variety of golfing options waiting for them.

  • There are a number of public courses which charge greens fees. Our area is blessed with some excellent courses open to the public. Some of them also offer annual or seasonal memberships at reasonable rates.
  • Golf "coupon books" can be purchased which allow a golfer to play a variety of private courses for a limited number of times, at reasonable greens fees.
  • Bundled golf communities have fared well in a difficult economic period, because they commonly have 800 required family memberships per 18 holes. The dues are attractive and many of the courses are outstanding. Tee times for members may be limited and restricted due to the large number of members vying for tee times. It can be difficult to form "buddy" groups of golfers who want to play together.
  • Private clubs have been weathering the economic storms with varying degrees of success. The most exclusive (expensive) member-owned clubs appear to be doing fine. Many of the less expensive member-owned clubs have struggled financially, offering special deals to attract and/or retain members.
  • Many private clubs that are developer-owned appear to be in serious trouble due to the economic downturn and lack of new-home sales.

For a serious golfer who wants to play nearly every day, the advantages of the private clubs include:

  • Beautiful, un-crowded golf courses that are available for play when the golfer wants to play.
  • The ability to belong to "buddy" groups of golfers of similar abilities. This can lead to friendships and regular competitions.
  • Club-sponsored tournaments, such as invitationals, club championships, etc.

As long-time Florida residents and golfers, the Boeglin Team is familiar with most of the public, bundled, and private clubs in the area. If it is a golf course, chances are good that we have played it. We will be happy to be of assistance in your determination of the best option for you.

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